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Below you will find the vacancies we currently have at Medhouse. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about a job position or other concerns.

Territory Manager – Critical Care – Finland

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Regional Oncology Liaison – Finland

Interested? Get in touch with Medhouse Finland Managing Partner Kai Lindfors at 0400191201, kai.lindfors@medhouse.com or apply right away.


Key Account Manager, Immunology, Denmark & Iceland


Key Account Manager Rheumatology & Dermatology, Denmark


Automation Project Manager, Medhouse consultant


Tender & Contract Specialist, Medhouse consultant


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Medhouse is like one big family

Camilla Stjernholm and Lotta Nykvist have been employed by Medhouse for a couple of years. Lotta wanted to try out different professions, companies and areas in pharmaceuticals and medical technology and thus build her skills. Camilla felt that it was the right time and heard through all the years in the industry that the company's personnel policy and care was fantastic.

Simple and uncomplicated!

The reason I enjoy Medhouse is the company's ability to do everything simple and straightforward, their quick adaptation to change and the fact that you ALWAYS feel that they support and put us consultants in focus. Of course, this also means that our clients have a simpler everyday life. Nothing gets difficult when you are part of the Medhouse family.

Camilla Stjernholm

Available positions

Big heart and familiar

My second job at Medhouse, a total of 5 years. Thrives very well as a consultant at Medhouse and with the fantastic colleagues in the office and other consultants at the company. Medhouse has a big heart, it feels familiar and there is an incredibly high standard of the consultants who are employed by Medhouse and I am glad that I am one of them.

Lotta Nykvist

Available positions
Available positions

Olivia Johansson

Recruitment specialist & researcher

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