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We take pride in our employees! To work as a Medhouse consultant is something extra. We are continuously searching for new consultants to join us within sales, marketing, medical and regulatory services.

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Work for us

Why work with us?

At Medhouse you get to develop and have fun at work. We want you to feel passion and meaning in the work, that you can contribute your skills to something good. As a consultant with us, you are the most important thing we have and we want you to feel that.

"Medhouse has a big heart, it feels familiar and there is an incredibly high standard of the consultants who are employed by Medhouse - I am glad that I am one of them."

Lotta Nykvist, sales and marketing consultant"

Our staff is our pride. Working as a Medhouse consultant is something really special. We are constantly looking for new consultants in sales & marketing, medical & regulatory services. The fact that we hire our consultants makes us a little unique.

As a Medhouse & Morekonsult, you are part of our large, hand-picked team of highly competent employees. We take care of your security and make it easy for our clients to hire us.

Medhouse offers you

We believe in the long term and want our employees to feel good. No consultant is placed on an assignment and then left to himself, your consulting manager and your colleagues are with you throughout the assignment..

  • Be a part of a successful team: Our consultants are a professional force that makes difference where it is needed. You will be a part of a successful team that is characterized by strong commitment, professionalism, flexibility and a prestigeless approach
  • Have personal development: Personal growth is something that we are striving to provide the best opportunities for. Except being an important part of the Medhouse team, you will get the chance to try variated assignments and learn to know different organisations and their cultures
  • Get support during your assignment: We care about you! We are there when everything is good and celebrating with you, and supporting you when something does not feel right. We believe in long-term relationships with our consultants and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible at Medhouse. No consultant is left on their assignment by themselves, your manager and other colleagues are there as a support throughout the entire assignment

Available positions

"Development is a strong human driving force and here you get to grow it"

In addition to becoming an important part of the Medhouse team, you as a consultant with us, get the opportunity to try out different assignments and get to know different organizations and cultures"


Work for us

"Simple and uncomplicated, quick adaptation to change - feel that Medhouse supports and puts us consultants in focus"

Camilla Stjernholm, sales and marketing consultant.


Work for us

Olivia Johansson

Recruitment specialist & researcher

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