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Entire project team for you who want to outsource parts of the business

Project teams process

Medhouse One - Project team


Market access
Regulatory services
Medical information
Medical Affairs

Market analysis

To make the right decision and the right investment, you need the right information. We can help you supplying strategic data, based on qualitative and quantitative sources.

A strategic report usually consists of three parts:

1. Market description
2. Process description
3. Analysis/Recommendations, in the form of recommendations and decision-making support data.


Assembling the team

Example of functions and rolls:

Team lead
Market access manager
Head of supply
Ra officer
Pharmacoviligance officer

Delivery output


Market plans
Budget & sales input
Supply chain forecast
Medical agreements
Monthly reports


Evaluation is done at given times together with the customer.

Sometimes you need more than just one consultant. Medhouse has over 20 years experience in building partnerships and alliances with our clients. We can assemble an entire project team at very short notice for clients looking to outsource parts of their operations.

Maybe you wish to establish a presence on the Nordic market quickly to launch a product. Or you could simply want to give your organisation a rapid and powerful uplift.

We have everything you may need in place to ready a product for market at short notice. Our extensive experience and expertise in Life Science, mean we have comprehensive knowledge of the individual Nordic markets and can help you take a product through every step of the process, from medical product acceptance to price application and the actual marketing.

This process often varies considerably between the different markets and can take a long time to fully appreciate without specialist knowledge and experience.

Tailoring the necessary resources to your exact needs

Our solution is highly cost-effective compared to what it would take to build a comparable organisation from scratch. With Medhouse One, you simply commission the services you need on the scale required.

By tailoring the necessary resources to your exact needs, you avoid the risk of potential overcapacity were you to employ your own personnel. Medhouse One offers a fully tailored solution to optimise your organisation and resources.

We can manage the entire process or simply take care of a specific area, such as marketing or reporting adverse effects.

Once you’ve gained a foothold, you as client can decide whether to take over the reins yourself and make this the core of a Nordic organisation or leave everything in our hands to continue as your representative on the local market.

Medhouse One – Project Team

Helle Neel Jensen

BUM Medhouse Denmark. Interim service and Recruitment.

Medhouse One

The aim may be to establish a presence in the Nordic market in a short time to launch a product. But it may as well be to quickly achieve a powerful strengthening of your organization. Medhouse offers a powerful and cost-effective solution!